Bungalow OOSH

Devika is proud to be partnering with Bungalow OOSH, a local daycare center in the Illawarra area, in order to help further their goal to gain a competitive advantage through innovation.

Education has always been an important priority at Devika so it was exciting to partner with an organization with the same values. We have been able to provide support through both Devika and our learning through contributing technical support and workshops.

This was done through helping Bungalow OOSH create an online platform for children and their families so as to create a larger and more contemporary user experience and allow them to provide the highest level of online service.

Also, through Devika Learning we were able to run a series of workshops in partnership with Bungalow OOSH. This allowed us to bring our hardware and Minecraft-based learning modules to a packed room of kids on several occasions, which was awesome.

It is great being able to work with a local business, especially one that is looking to do things differently and be innovative when it comes to the service they provide, particularly in their education and support of their kids. When promoting the education system in Australia it is important to approach it from every angle, especially locally. This is why Bungalow OOSH’s work is so important.

This partnership also furthers our goal of merging innovation with local business. If you have a business that could use our help please feel free to contact us.

Also don’t forget to check out Bungalow OOSH’s new website.

Bungalow OOSH

Unity Faciliators



If knowledge sharing, being part of the shaping the future of education and fostering your technology community is important to you ?… then we would love to hear from you!


Our mission is to moving students from content consumers to technology creators. So, we are currently seeking Unity Programmers who are looking to run some of our workshops (game making and virtual reality) with high school students, in your area or in an area that needs your help.

Workshops scope and student outcomes:

> Unity Basics; Understanding the program structure
> Level Design; Transforming objects
> Unity Prefabs; Recreating objects
> Evaluation and Problem Solving
> Object Orientated Analysis
> Team Work and Discussions
> Presenting their Work
Only prerequisites are: 

(1) Sound experience with Unity (you will be asked questions in the interview)
(2) Have an awesome attitude for knowledge sharing
(3) Be both reliable and punctual to workshops
(4) Working With Children Approved (if you are not already, simply complete the following form)


If this is something that sparks your interest apply now!
Apply Now

Unity Faciliators

SMART Collaboration

SMART, at the University of Wollongong, aims at recognising that the world is changing, not only because of technology and climate change, but also the impact of an aging population. This means that infrastructure will need to change too.

Our mission is to move students from technology consumers to technology creators. In doing so, together, we aim at unleashing the potential of both virtual and augmented reality for the region of Wollongong by collaborating in areas in which SMART is working on addressing.

We will have an office located at Building 6 Room 306 and we will be running workshops among the labs.



SMART Collaboration

Sydney Festival 2017

Sydney Festival was originally conceived by the Sydney Committee, the NSW State Government and the City of Sydney with a view to attracting people into the city center during the holiday month of January.
To help celebrate the Sydney Festival we will be running Minecraft for Education Workshops at Barangaroo where children will be able to create virtual 3D Sydney Metro Northwest Stations where they will learn key features of past, present and future train stations and the reasons behind design changes over the past 100 years, enables students to identify aesthetic, cultural, safety, sustainability and functionality issues of importance to contemporary passengers.

The first Sydney Festival took place in 1977 and it has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest annual cultural celebrations with an international reputation for modern, popular and intelligent programming. In many ways it is probably still best understood as a celebration of Sydney and its style and energy reflect the confidence, diversity and vigor of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.



Sydney Festival 2017

DEADLY Encouragement Awards Partnership 2016

Devika Learning will be supporting and partnering with the DEADLY Encouragement Awards!

The “DEADLY Encouragement Awards” have been initiated to recognize and reward our Aboriginal Primary and Secondary school students in the Northern Illawarra region who over the past year, have demonstrated a commitment to improve over a range of mediums, ranging from attendance, community involvement, entertainment, sport or music, have displayed a positive attitude towards learning or have completed Year 12 studies.

By acknowledging and rewarding our student’s efforts, our aim is for our children to feel valued; to encourage a stronger sense of identity, and in future, encourage them to be strong effective leaders and role models to younger children in our community.

For those interested in attending:

Where: In the lovely grounds of Waniora Public School, Ursula Rd, Bulli
When: Thursday 10th November 2016 from 4pm to 6pm
What: This celebratory event will also include various fun activities including games, face painting, dancing displays and performances.
Who: Students, families, Elders and representatives from over 40 local schools

The DEADLY Encouragement Awards are presented by Northern Illawarra Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.


DEADLY Encouragement Awards Partnership 2016

Microsoft Partnership

Devika Learning is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Microsoft for Education to store, deliverand collaborate our content globally. This partnership will allow our facilitators, schools and students to use the latest collaboration tools in our workshops with Office 365. To launch our relationship, we will be holding workshops at the Microsoft flagship store in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney CBD during the summer of 2017.

We feel that our learning program and Microsoft share similar objectives and values in wanting to bring awesome content to students. Finding the right platform that will enable us to scale and facilitate this vision has been very important for us. Our partnership will allow us to make our workshops available online, and through Microsoft’s network with schools we will be able to run workshops around Australia and globally.

Our aim is to make our content available worldwide. Through attending the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance in Beijing, China 2017, we met entrepreneurs from other countries who have ventures in education, and we are excited to also partner with these companies and implement Devika Learning workshops in their respective local communities. We look forward to both these partnerships and welcome exciting times ahead.

Ken mentions “I feel that our learning program and Microsoft share similar objectives. Our vision has always been to deliver awesome content and workshops to students. Our partnership with Microsoft will allow us to use the latest tools that will facilitate making our workshops available to anyone. We also feel that we can support their network of schools by running workshops that are interactive, practical and rarely, if not at all, available to students all around Australia, and even the world. To launch our relationship we will be delivering workshops at their Sydney CBD flagship Microsoft Store in Pitt Street Mall during the summer, and Microsoft’s Dan Bowen will be a keynote speaker at our Global Entrepreneur Week event later this month.”



Microsoft Partnership

Knowledge Sharing with Slack

We find that students tend to have questions when they leave the workshops, so we have integrated slack in our operations to facilitate the collaboration and knowledge sharing of our Devika team, facilitators, students and others within our network to assist and grow the community. For more information to join, feel free to contact us.

Or those of you that have already joined the link is: devikalearning.slack.com



Knowledge Sharing with Slack

Unused Laptops Wanted


Computers are an integral part of daily life, but as they and other electronic devices become obsolete more and more quickly, we’re faced with the growing problem of disposing of all our e-waste properly.

In parallel, we have found that a lot of teenagers have not signed up to Devika Learning workshops because they need to bring their own device.

In doing so, we feel that we can help better allocated unused laptops to teenagers that need them for our workshops. We are offering to take them from you and make them available to our students.



Thanks to our infrastructure partner, Zoom Computers, we will not refuse any laptop. They have the resources to help us do the checks, formatting, software updates and hardware upgrades needed to get them to the minimum requirement for our workshops.

Also, whatever is donated to our cause that is not usable will be disposed of at the Terracycle bins at our local Wollongong Officeworks, to make sure that we are playing our part in E-waste; which is assisting in the process of minimizing the electronic products thrown into landfill, which leak toxic materials into soil and water, resulting in contamination of the food chain. Additionally, rare and non-renewable materials are wasted instead of being re-used.

If you wish to hand over your unused laptop; please call us or email us via the contact us form.


Officeworks_logo-300x200 Official_TerraCycle_Logo-300x205


Unused Laptops Wanted

Virtual Reality and Education

Over the last several years, virtual reality (VR) has moved from being the purview of the military and aviation to the mainstream of professional development, as managers, instructors, coaches and therapists have claimed increasing benefit from immersive experiences.

Much of this early foray into VR­-based learning has centered on the hard sciences — biology, anatomy, geology and astronomy — as the curricular focus and learning opportunities are notably enriched through interaction with dimensional objects, animals and environments.

The content share of this market is of particular interest, as this segment of the tech industry has historically been dedicated to gaming — but the world is changing. We are shifting from the now relatively universe to a VR paradigm

While statistics on VR use in K-­12 schools and colleges have yet to be gathered, the steady growth of the market is reflected in the surge of companies solely dedicated to providing schools with packaged educational curriculum and content, teacher training and technological tools to support VR­-based instruction in the classroom.

Perhaps the most utopian application of this technology will be seen in terms of bridging cultures and fostering understanding among young students.

In other areas of education, many classes have used VR tools to collaboratively construct architectural models, recreations of historic or natural sites and other spatial renderings. Instructors also have used VR technology to engage students in topics related to literature, history and economics by offering a deeply immersive sense of place and time, whether historic or evolving.

Potentially, a collaboration between these innovative VR platform offerings could result in a curator or artist guiding a group of thousands around a museum exhibition or cultural site, or an actor or professor leading a virtual master class in real time with students from all over the world.

Educators and students alike are seeking an ever-expanding immersive landscape, where students engage with teachers and each other in transformative experiences through a wide spectrum of interactive resources. In this educational reality, VR has a definitive place of value.

Virtual Reality and Education