We Run School Hackathons

What are Hackathons?

Hackathons are events that challenge people to create something over a set time period using a variety of technologies.

Why attend a Hackathon?

We believe in diversity, community building and giving it a go … and that is what Hackathons are all about. They are a fantastic way to rapidly join a team of people and move a project from idea to prototype in a very short amount of time.

Why we host School Hackathons?

Too often Hackathons and innovation initiatives become hyper-competitive to the detriment of the wider community, particularly in regions with smaller populations. Our school strategy focuses on open, collaborative ecosystem development with ongoing impact over one-off events.

Hackathons we have worked with:

Hackagong in Wollongong

Hackagong in Bega

Gamer Dev Jam in Bega

Kingdom-Hack in Wollongong

Tree-Hacks at Stanford University

MHacks at University of Michigan

Meta Hackathon in San Francisco.

Immusive Hack is Sydney’s Virtual Reality Hackathon

JNUM 2015 in Paris

Some photos from Hackathons we have worked with: