3D Printing

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Uniquely Built For Education, the 3D Printing workshop is set out to give the young students experience in beginning to build items from scratch, working in teams, making creative solutions to problems, and understand fluency in mathematics through the creative and building aspects.

Guided by experts, Devika learning experiences are engaging, interactive and 100% hands-on, using playful cleverness to achieve a goal.

Lesson Plan

  • Past, present and future technologies.
  • Understand the power of teams
  • Creative team problem solving
  • Presentation

Each lesson is different, and inspired from lessons plans designed by teachers all over the world, including :


  • Evaluation and Problem Solving
  • Creative and Design
  • Team Work and Discussions
  • Presenting their Work








SMART Building
Room 209A, Building 6
University of Wollongong
Wollongong NSW 2500


Workshop Time: 11am-2pm
Age Range: 13-18
Spots Available: 10
Student to teacher ratio: 10:1



3D Printing