Virtual Reality Developer **All Day Holiday Workshop** January 14th 2018

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a booming high tech industry for ‘human-computer interfacing’. Although still in its infancy, we are about to see perhaps the biggest tech evolution since television. We now have the ability to create worlds of our imagination and transport ourselves and others into them.

Virtual Reality has already seen huge benefits to industries like the aeronautical industry over the last decade. Using high end, high-cost simulation systems for training.

But now Virtual Reality has reached a point where it is high quality, low cost and very accessible. Anyone with a smartphone from the last few years can run VR apps on their phone with a $2 headset.

Which gives it a much larger potential than previously

In any industry that does training. Especially high-risk training.
– Firefighters. (Imagine training inside a simulated burning building)
– Mining Engineers.
– Emergency Medical Technicians.

In any industry that uses 3D models & graphs
– Design
– Architecture (Image standing in the house you designed while you are designing it)
– Engineering
– Chemistry

In any industry that does simulations
– Chemistry
– Engineering

This technology can potentially apply to any and every industry and reshape how we work.
More than that, Technology can change how we think, feel and express ourselves.
Imagine literally looking through the eyes of someone else. Someone fabricated from another person imagination, with the intent of making you think and feel something different.


Workshop Description

In this 2 hour workshop, we take you through the basics of building a virtual reality app.

It is broken up into two parts.

  • Introduction to building and designing worlds.
  • How to put an app on an android phone.

Do not worry if you are an iPhone user, or do not own an Andoird phone. We can put your game on our phone for testing.


SMART Building
Room 209A, Building 6
University of Wollongong
Wollongong NSW 2500




Workshop Time: 10am-3pm
Age Range: 13-18
Spots Available: 10

Workshop Requirements

  1. BYO Laptop (minimum): i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, and either Windows 7 or OSX (or later).
  2. BYO Andoird phone. Preferably 2014 or later. If you don’t have this, do not worry. We can simulate android phones on your laptop and will take turns loading you app onto one of the few Android phones we bring for VR. If you can get one, do it and run your VR app the whole lesson, and at home too!
  3. It is recommended to have Unity 5 Personal Edition Installed prior to the workshop. Install and setup of Unity 5 can be done free, an hour before class or for those of you proactive; we have provided links below for you to be able to download them now and not have to stress before the workshop.
  4. Download the Google Cardboard VR tool for Unity. Called Unity Cardboard SDK
  5. Download and install the Java Development Kit




The following download button is needed for Macintosh Operating Systems:


The following download button is needed for Windows Operating Systems:



The follow download button is needed for both Windows and Macs




The following is to download the  Java SE Development Kit 8u101 for Mac. jdk-8u101-macosx-x64.dmg


The following is to download the  Java SE Development Kit 8u101 for Windows. jdk-8u101-windows-i586.exe


Virtual Reality Developer **All Day Holiday Workshop** January 14th 2018