Bungalow OOSH

Devika is proud to be partnering with Bungalow OOSH, a local daycare center in the Illawarra area, in order to help further their goal to gain a competitive advantage through innovation.

Education has always been an important priority at Devika so it was exciting to partner with an organization with the same values. We have been able to provide support through both Devika and our learning through contributing technical support and workshops.

This was done through helping Bungalow OOSH create an online platform for children and their families so as to create a larger and more contemporary user experience and allow them to provide the highest level of online service.

Also, through Devika Learning we were able to run a series of workshops in partnership with Bungalow OOSH. This allowed us to bring our hardware and Minecraft-based learning modules to a packed room of kids on several occasions, which was awesome.

It is great being able to work with a local business, especially one that is looking to do things differently and be innovative when it comes to the service they provide, particularly in their education and support of their kids. When promoting the education system in Australia it is important to approach it from every angle, especially locally. This is why Bungalow OOSH’s work is so important.

This partnership also furthers our goal of merging innovation with local business. If you have a business that could use our help please feel free to contact us.

Also don’t forget to check out Bungalow OOSH’s new website.

Bungalow OOSH