Connecting to the Virtual Reality Wollongong Community Online

This week, Devika Learning hosted the event “Exploring Virtual Reality” in Wollongong.


We had some great locally made demos, including a multiplayer virtual reality vs reality game Castle Rush by Silicon Valley’s Annie Harper and a Vive Travelling through organic mechanical space by local artist Daniel Breda. Kane Waterworth, a local VR expert with in-depth knowledge about upcoming hardware shared some of his insight into Google’s Day Dream platform. We also had some presents from a UoW initiative to support student access to new tech like VR.

It was a great chance to network with the virtual reality scene in Wollongong, and we wanted to make sure everyone stays connected.


Bellow is a list of local online communities for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to share news, follow others and keep us updated with your latest virtual reality happenings!


VR AR Gong – Facebook group


This is a group for all things Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality in Wollongong. Find local & Sydney events, stay up to date with local projects / apps, connect with the community and share your VRAR interests.

Wollongong Game Developers – Facebook group


Game Developers are the Virtual Reality developers of tomorrow. It is no coincidence that VR has hit the games industry harder and quicker than any other. It is not only the same skills used in building games to VR apps, but the same tools too! Not everyone in this group is working on VR, but it is a great place to start when looking for people who know how to build in VR and a excellent community to get involved with.

Wollongong Game Developers run a “Schnitzel n Pixels” meet up at North Gong Hotel every other month. Demoing their games, chatting about recent projects and sharing skills. Always welcome to anyone in the AR / VR scene to show off your latest project or meet some potential VR hires.

UoW Game Developers Club


This is a Wollongong University Student club for aspiring Game Developers, but they are friendly to non students as well. They run weekly meet ups which include free workshops on Game Development in Unity (they teach all the same skills you need to build a VR app). Also a fantastic group to sponsor if your looking to hire some budding young Unity Developers for VR. This group as touched the majority of VR projects in Wollongong and worth being involved with.

Castle Rush VR – Facebook page


Castle Rush. Virtual Reality game for engaging communities in events, venues & schools. The virtual reality players battle together defending a castle against the crowd around them using their phones.  The crowd watching can play from their phone. Using it as a controller, to collaborate on a large screen and attack a virtual reality player.

Silicon Vagabond – Facebook Page


Silicon Vagabond is the local company responsible for Castle Rush VR, and other local VR installations & apps run by Annie Harper and our very own Brennan Hatton. They live in a van and travel up and down the country side running VR apps, games and experiences at events, venues and schools!

Devika Learing – Facebook page


Our own facebook page for our learning program. We offer courses on how to become a Virtual Reality designed for students 13-17.

As part of our game developers course we teach how to build in virtual reality as well.

If you want your children to take advantage of the tech revolution, come along and find out what it is all about!

Siligong Valley #augmentedvirtualreality – Slack Channel


For live chat on Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. #augmentedvirtualreality


Augmented Reality Sydney – Meetup Group


This is the VR community in Sydney, and for across Australia. It is pretty much as it says in the heading “Everything and everyone you need to know in AR and VR in Australia”. If you are reading this, you should be in this group.

Sydney VR – Facebook Group


Sydney VR is the facebook community for VR in Sydney.

IGDA Sydney

Sydney Unity Users Group

IGDA Melbourne

International Game Developers Association Brisbane

Canberra Dev Community (for game developers)



Know another community we missed? Send us an email

Connecting to the Virtual Reality Wollongong Community Online