DEADLY Encouragement Awards Partnership 2016

Devika Learning will be supporting and partnering with the DEADLY Encouragement Awards!

The “DEADLY Encouragement Awards” have been initiated to recognize and reward our Aboriginal Primary and Secondary school students in the Northern Illawarra region who over the past year, have demonstrated a commitment to improve over a range of mediums, ranging from attendance, community involvement, entertainment, sport or music, have displayed a positive attitude towards learning or have completed Year 12 studies.

By acknowledging and rewarding our student’s efforts, our aim is for our children to feel valued; to encourage a stronger sense of identity, and in future, encourage them to be strong effective leaders and role models to younger children in our community.

For those interested in attending:

Where: In the lovely grounds of Waniora Public School, Ursula Rd, Bulli
When: Thursday 10th November 2016 from 4pm to 6pm
What: This celebratory event will also include various fun activities including games, face painting, dancing displays and performances.
Who: Students, families, Elders and representatives from over 40 local schools

The DEADLY Encouragement Awards are presented by Northern Illawarra Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.


DEADLY Encouragement Awards Partnership 2016