Game Development at St Josephs – Week 3

This year a group of year 10 St Josephs’ students have been part of our 10 week program for game development, learning to build their own computer games.

Aside from building computer games, they have also been blogging their progress! At Devika we believe teaching is important to learning, and encourage all of our students to share the knowledge they are building with others online.


“Today was the first (official) day of the Devika course, and as someone who knows little to nothing about programming and game making I went in not knowing what to expect, just that I’d be making a game in 10 weeks and learn on the go. My aim for this program is to, by the end of it, learn how to code, program and develop a video game and acquire the skills necessary to continue making games in the future.”Juliana from Juliana Art And Design


Designing a game is not always about the tech skills. Design skills are very important, as they are learning.


“I’ve started designing the inside of my house. Originally I wanted a large amount of objects in the house but I decided it would be too crowded” ~  Trent from Death2All


Screenshot of a house in Death2All

Blogging helps develop skills and experience in marketing! Its great to see the students thinking about sales.

Store coming soon to Island Journey

Along with design and marketing, art is also a very important skill and has a valued place in tech.


I figured I could use my skills in digital art to create and animate backgrounds and characters for the game, something I’ve always wanted to do. This does mean that the game will take more time to develop than a 3D game, but I can do it even if it does mean continuing after the 10 weeks.”



Art and sketches by Juliana Art and available for purchase here


Sometimes it is only after building a game that you really see the importance of all these skills.  Marketing, blogging, website design, branding, visual design, game design and the most important thing of all, putting the effort in to make things happen.


“Another week passed and been working hard on my project, after making some basic models I started putting them in Unity” ~ Adam from Island Journey


Enjoy some screenshots of what they have made so far, and be sure to check out the websites and blogs to find out more as their games progress.



3D models by Adam for Island Journey
A screenshot from Island Journey
A screenshot of the main character from Death2All
Game Development at St Josephs – Week 3