Game Jam Advice – What to do with your half finished game

So you or your kid made a game at the Bega Gamer Dev Jam or another Game Jam. Or maybe its only half a game? That’s okay, lets take it all the way and get the most out of it!

Here is the easiest & best way to do that.

Take advantage of what you have and your new contacts!

I want you do to at least one of these things right now. Even before you finish reading this whole post.
– Take some screenshots of your game. The best ones you can, even if they aren’t great.
– Take some video recording of your game. I like ScreenCastOMatic. It is free, and easy to use.
Create a build so you have a game file (.exe, .apk, .app)

Okay, go! Seriously, right now.

Great, now :

1 – Send them to the organizers & sponsors ( of the Game Jam. These people will be so happy to see what you made, they will want to share it on all their social media, websites & make your game as famous as they can.

2 – Send them to every facebook group you can think relevant. Does your area have a facebook group for game developers? If not, make one! Share it on the Devika Learning facebook page and Indy Game Promo.

Take it a step further and get the most you really can out of this.
– Make a facebook page.
– Make a twitter account.
– Make a youtube channel. You could even make a short promo video of your game.
– Create a website! Share that with everyone too! If you are new to making websites, just make a free wordpress site!
– Share all of these with all the sponsors, organizers and your fellow game jammers!

Doing these things, will likely even get some blog posts written about you!

What do to with your game now?

1 – Set a goal for the end of the week. A good place to start is that plan you had for the game jam that you didn’t finish because you ran out of time. Do all those things you wanted to do, but ran out of time for.

2 – Fix all those bugs. (or at least the biggest ones)

3 – Publish it! Just do it.
If it is a mobile game, the android app store is the easiest place to start. If it is a web game, make a quick free wordpress site, and get your game online! If it is a computer game, build a site and make it available to download somewhere. If you don’t know how to do these things, ask other people you met at the game jam.

You have already learnt some invaluable lessons about what it really takes to make a game. The next game you make is going to be so much better, but the sooner you complete the whole process, the sooner you can see the big picture and have a better vision from the start.

Getting your game out there, even if it isn’t perfect is going to help you. The organizers and sponsors will like you more, which can help with your next game. People will start to recognize you, which will also help with you next game. This is marketing, marketing is part of game development. You are doing it right now! You did it by being at the event, and marketing is key to getting your current game and future games in the hands of people! So get out there, make games, be known, be successful and have fun!


Game Jam Advice – What to do with your half finished game