A Career in VR? Devika Heads to the Illawarra Schools Career Expo

The last few years of high school can be tough. Apart from all assignments, people start asking you about what you’re going to do next:

“What uni are you going to?”

“How are you going to do after school?”

and of course the widely dreaded,

“Have you started studying for the HSC exams yet?”

Forcing young people to decide on a career path when they’re 18 and in the middle of exams is not easy. But it’s made a little bit easier with events like the Illawarra Schools Career Expo.

Devika joined the dozens of higher education providers, employers and industry representatives for the two day expo over May 9-10. Alongside institutions such as TAFE Illawarra, the University of Wollongong, Bond University, Sydney Film School, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, AFTRS and the Australian Defence Force, Devika showcased the importance of tech skills for future careers.

High school students wait for their turn to try out a virtual reality device at the Illawarra Schools Career Expo
Devika was kept busy demonstrating and explaining virtual reality at the Illawarra Schools Career Expo.

The expo is designed to expose high school students to as many career options as possible – tech of course being one of those options. But more important is how digital literacy skills such as coding, basic programming and blogging will crucial to a variety of industries in coming years.  

As usual the Devika team were swamped with students at the expo, all eager to try out the Vive virtual reality system. After the first student tried out the VR setup, Devika had lines of students and teachers (and even a member of the ADF) queuing up to give virtual reality a go. Although awareness of VR is increasing in the community, many people are still unaware of how it works and the range of potential uses the technology has. Some ways VR is already being used include:


Teaching people how to meditate and reduce anxiety

Helping diagnose ADHD

Educating kids about drugs and alcohol


Moreover Devika wants to show kids that they can make their own virtual reality applications and games. Through the Devika Learning program students can start developing their own VR apps and learn a variety of tech skills like coding, web development and 3D printing. For students interested in a career in computing or gaming, these workshops can help given them an introduction to the industry while equipping them with the skills necessary to succeed. 

The jobs of the future are undoubtedly going to being underpinned by strong skills in tech. As they demonstrated at the Illawarra Schools Career Expo, Devika wants to ensure students today are ready to become the content creators of tomorrow. 

A Career in VR? Devika Heads to the Illawarra Schools Career Expo