Passion Camps and Workshops – All in a Day’s Work for Devika

When you’re a kid school camps are a highly anticipated event. Days away from your parents, sharing a room with your friends and getting to try a whole bunch of different activities makes for good times as a kid. But as Devika Learning recently found out, some schools are taking the humble school camp to the next level.

The Devika Learning team recently visited Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) during a “passion camp” – a school camp where the students get to decide what activities they want to do. No one wants to spend their precious few days away at camp bored and unchallenged – passion camps address this by letting the students set their own schedules.

Devika was there to facilitate one of their popular workshops on the multi-platform game engine Unity, as well as give a virtual reality demonstration through Vive. With VR devices becoming steadily more commonplace, the students’ keen interest in the Vive was hardly surprising. And who knows – with their newfound skills in Unity they could be well on their way to making their own VR games!

NBCS is an independent school based in Terrey Hills, NSW that emphasises a “culture of self-directed, student-led learning – growing students to be high-capacity leaders and creative thinkers”. This approach is reflected in their implementation of passion camps, allowing students to self-determine their approach to education. For Devika, this means students in their Unity and VR workshops are there because they have a genuine passion for learning about technology.

Workshop facilitator Jasmine takes a break from while at St Gregory’s College.

Devika Learning have been kept busy in recent weeks with a stream of workshops at schools such as St Gregory’s College Campbelltown, and St Josephs Catholic High School Albion Park. Our workshops in coding, game making, website development, Minecraft and virtual reality are carefully constructed as to move kids from content consumers to content creators while still enjoying the learning process.

Technology will play an increasingly significant role in our day-to-day lives. The Devika team work hard to ensure the next generation are equipped with the skills they’ll need to succeed in their future careers.

You could say that’s our passion.

Passion Camps and Workshops – All in a Day’s Work for Devika