Sherwood Hills Christian School installs virtual reality

The new addition gives teachers another way to enhance learning

Sherwood Hills Christian School has become one of the first schools in Australia to have their own virtual reality system installed. Over the July school holidays Devika installed an HTC Vive at the Campbelltown school as part of their dedication to ensuring schools get more access to VR and emerging technology.

Head of Primary Education at Sherwood Hills, Suzanne Zorn, said that having a Vive would help students engage in learning, especially the ones who weren’t as confident in their reading and writing.

“Having virtual reality hardware in the classroom  will allow us to enhance curriculum learning,” said Ms Zorn.

Sherwood Hills caters for kindergarten to year 12 students, however, the Vive will only be available for use for primary-aged students at the school.

Installing a virtual reality system is quite simple. The process usually takes 90 minutes to 2 hours, and includes one-on-one instruction in how to use the technology and a computer to run the device on. Ideally the Devika team like to visit the installation space prior to the day, to plan the install around the workspace. First the team sets up the area, then the provided computer and finally the virtual reality software. Once that process is over comes the fun part – downloading the VR apps. For Sherwood Hills Devika installed Tilt Brush, Google Earth and Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars.

Students at Sherwood Hills Christian School will now be able to use Google Earth for VR

Virtual reality has can benefit education in several ways. The UK’s Virtual Reality Society points out that VR has several advantages over current learning methods in that it is:

-fully immersive meaning less distractions

-is an active, not passive, form of learning

-uses a hands-on approach, highly interactive

-is engaging

If you’d like to see a virtual reality system installed at your school, contact us to discuss options.

Sherwood Hills Christian School installs virtual reality