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The Minecraft Legends


Minecraft is an amazing game where you can create and explore vast worlds. Did you know you can write your own code to make the Minecraft game more fun? In this class we will explore basic programming concepts and how they can be used in Minecraft to enhance your game play whilst learning!

Suitable for 5 - 9 year olds. Parents are more than welcome to participate.

You will learn how to become a Minecraft Legend. Using the skills you learn you will be able to add effects and experiences to your Minecraft game whilst learning the basics of modern day computing, math and science.

We like doing fun things at Devika that you can’t always do at home. In this class you will learn to...

  • Learn basic programming techniques such as loops, counting and functions in Minecraft.
  • Learn to apply these techniques to create fun worlds and experiences that you and your family can enjoy!
  • Be able to solve problems.
  • Identify how to make your Minecraft better and make it happen!

Devika will be running this master class on the following dates

  • Wednesday April 13 - 10am - 3:30pm
  • Thursday April 14 - 10am - 3:30pm